Voice-Over Services: Let’s Dub Project offers a wide range of voice actors to provide just the right sound and feel for your audio or video project needs. Need a voice-over? You’re in the right place. We are dedicated to providing you with a tailored selection of voices, clean and professional-sounding audio, and creative control through every step of your project. You’ll be involved in the creative process from start to finish, from auditions, voice selection, retakes, all the way to signing off on the finished product. What started as a fan project is now growing into an established voice-over group, and grows its ranks with every new undertaking. Our actors have a variety of experience, both professional and amateur, and can provide character and commercial voices.

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Let’s Dub Videos: When we’re not working, we love to play! As the originator of the Let’s Dub format, our group regularly releases fandubs of all kinds. Our fandubs – adding audio to existing media that lacks a voice track – generally focus on video games, but definitely don’t stop there. We’ve fanddubbed everything from AAA titles to indie games to comics. Thanks to a team of directors and editors, we are proud to offer consistent releases and a growing library of completed series to our fantastic fanbase.

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